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Eliminate training costs

The embedded online training would immediately eliminate training fees. No matter how many times you need a training program, it is available with AIMS out of the box.

On-demand- at an instant

Accessed from within the AIMS, all training material is available at any time. Users can learn or refresh themselves things on demand without time-pressure and without having to take notes or memorise.

Easy access

Ensuring that all material is easy to identify and locate- we have taken care of the categorisation and indexing of all material. Furthermore- we have provided several training templates for users.

Powerful & Dynamic

As a highly dynamic application, whenever we update or roll out a new feature, we will ensure that training material is immediately available online.

We take pride in our innovative approach, and see the opportunity to present our new features as exciting key stone moments through the year. We are also open to suggestions, ideas and requests from end-users. The alert section provides a good part of the exchange of ideas.

News and Alerts

As well as training material and tutorials, the AIMS researchers and developers will be regularly updating end users with on-going developments.

Education, in general, is a dynamic part of the modern world; we have built our systems to ride the waves of innovation and keep up to date with the latest conventions and standards of the academic sector. We have the ability to roll new features from scratch within weeks- as opposed to years-long updates that are "under-construction"