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AIMS Teacher System

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Let teachers do what they do best

Focus on the simplification of teaching

A package designed and simplified for teachers- to help manage teaching, take registers, assess work, grade and analyse students, raise concerns and view student profiles for each subject they teach.
The user interface of the teacher system is based on a design strategy that works to maximise the rapport between teachers and students, and to present data and actions in the background so that students make the most of the teacher's natural presence.

Take Registers

Parents are able to view their child's academic progress in real time. These include coursework marks, mini-tests, final exams as well as overall attainment.

Personal Development

Parents are informed of behavioural issues as well as positive achievements. Teachers and staff can post notes which are accessible via the Parent Portal.

Assessing Students

Attendance can be monitored in real time. Parents also have access to their child's timetables, allowing them to prepare their child's day with ease.

Relevant Information

Timetable, directory, messages from admin/school

In addition to the quick glance view- complete details of subject related information presented on a concise screen; providing context aware data for teachers

Data at a glance

We understand that the one-to-one interpersonal relationship between teacher and student is the core foundation to developing effective rapport to maximise progress. We built the teacher system to be an intuitive 'quick-glance' supporting app. Every action is one or two clicks away.

Complete set of rich data

As well as providing an interface that best compliments the natural workflow of a teacher- we gave considerable thought to providing teachers with a complete set of teaching-specific data to work with. The details screen makes it easy to work with rich real-time data without being intrusive.

Integrated & Connected

Any changes to student's information is propagated throughout all other components of AIMS. As a two way data-link, any changes or modifications made on the teacher system is immediately reflected in all other parts of the suite. This enables true real-time reports. For example, if a student has been marked with a positive note at 12:47pm, a report generated at 12:48pm would reflect the updates- including all of the aggregated parts of the report.