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What is AIMS?

The worlds most advanced and intuitive school management solution.

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Why use AIMS?

To achieve the very best performance from your students and staff.

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How AIMS works?

By giving you all the powerful tools you need- straight out of the box.

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All you need
at your fingertips
Powerful tools available straight out of the box. No bolt-ons, No modules.
Monthly Subscription
You are in charge
If it doesn't suit your needs, walk away. No minimum term. No penalty
Free trial with no limits
See for yourself
Fully loaded demo with sample data to play with for over 4 weeks.
A few key features...
The Three Pillars of Education
Fostering growth by empowering the school, teachers and the students
The complete package to manage schools of all sizes and types
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Teachers Portal
Tools for teachers to simplify tasks and getting things done with ease
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Parents portal
Engaging and informing parents with an informative parent portal
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An introduction to AIMS